Workshop 6.4

Workshop 6.4 Citizens against Corruption in Natural Resource Management

Stream 2 Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinator: Pierre Landell-Mills, President, Partnership for Transparency
Date: Sunday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: Conference 1

The workshop will explore (i) the links between corruption, mismanagement of natural resource exploitation and human rights violations that impact on poor communities, and (ii) practical ways to mobilize civil society organizations to fight corruption in the management of natural resources, drawing learnings from three case studies. In Liberia, Green Advocates have developed and tested a toolkit that community organizations can use to expose and stop illegal logging. In Mongolia, armed with a monitoring handbook developed for the purpose by WWF, community teams documented numerous failures to enforce provisions of mining and corruption laws that had resulted in severe environmental damage, thereby forcing the authorities to take corrective action. In Azerbaijan, Center for Social and Economic Development has set up a program to introduce greater transparency in the use of the massive oil revenues accruing to the state oil fund, SOFAR, in order to curb the misappropriation of these public resources and subject SOFAR to greater public scrutiny. These case studies show that civil society activism can be very effective provided the approach respects a number of key principles: (i) the monitoring and survey work should be highly disciplined and professional to gain respect from officials and the public; (ii) wherever possible the approach should be non-confrontational; (iii) the CSOs involved need to patiently build networks of influence by identifying and working with key champions of reform within the power elite; and (iv) to focus primarily on reform of accountability systems rather than pursue contentious individual cases of corruption.

Moderator: Peter Eigen, Founder, Transparency International and Chair, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative EITI
Rapporteur: Anabel Cruz, Chair, CIVICUS Board, Vice-Chair of Board of Directors of Partnership for Transparency Fund and Director, Instituto de Comunicacion y Desarrollo, Uruquay.

Vugar Bayramov,
Chair, Centre for Economic and Social Development; Azerbaijan
Alfred Brownell, President, Association of Environmental Lawyers of Liberia (Green Advocates)
Dolgormaa Lodoisambuu, toxic and mining officer, WWF; Mongolia  
Pierre Landell-Mills, President, Partnership for Transparency; United Kingdom