Workshop 6.3

Workshop 6.3 Pro-poor and pro-sustainability anticorruption work in the water sector

Stream 2 Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinator: Teun Bastemeijer, Manager, Water Integrity Network
Date: Sunday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: MC 2

The workshop will evolve around a key note on the recommendations arising from the Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2008, focusing on water. The report not only provides an introduction to the major corruption issues in water sub-sectors, it also contains empirical evidence from all over the world that shows the scope and consequences of such corruption, especially how it affects people's lives, marginalizes the poor and hinders sustainable development. This presentation will lead to the introduction of the Water Integrity Network's strategy for action for the coming years as a basis for dialogue with the audience and exploration of regional and thematic synergies. An expert panel debate among international water and development experts, policy makers and anti-corruption specialists on how strong coalitions can be built to fight corruption and what kind of water integrity action programmes are most likely to benefit the poor will round up the workshop.

Moderator: Muhammed Zamir, Former Banglades Secretary of Foreign Affairs and ambassador; Vice-president, Centre for Democracy, and Bangladesh Water Partnership (Vice-president)
Rapporteur: Donal O'Leary, Transparency International, member WIN Steering Committee

Eduardo Bohorquez, Transparencia Mexicana, Mexico
Roberta Estimo, Maynilad Water Supervisors Union, Philippines
Larry Haas, Senior Water and Energy Consultant
Janelle Plummer, Governance Adviser, World Bank, Ethiopia
Phyllis Muema, WIN member, Kenya