Workshop 4.7

Workshop 4.7 Youth Integrity: Ethical Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinator: Geo Sung Kim, Chairperson, Transparency International - Korea and Board Member, Transparency International
Date: Saturday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: MC 2

This workshop will show the linkage between corruption and the current problems in youth integrity. Under the initiative of Transparency International-Korea (South), some chapters of TI conducted pilot surveys of the Youth Integrity Index (YII) to measure the current status of youth integrity in each country. The results of 2008 YII surveys will initially be released during this workshop. Participants of the workshop will share a common understanding about the urgent need to increase integrity amongst youths.

It will aim to develop the key building blocks of a global Youth Integrity Promotion Program that will develop sound ethical infrastructure for the youth as a basis of the Global Integrity System. At the end of the workshop, some concrete proposals will be made for common action in each sector of society.

In accordance with Guatemala Declaration on Young People's Engagement, it will also aim to validate the youth program that is prepared by the steering group for Youth Integrity Promotion to achieve "heightened integrity and civic awareness, particularly among the youth, translated into a lower tolerance of corruption and greater public participation in the anti-corruption movement".

As a strategic workshop, it will suggest roles for each sector of society from which they can promote youth integrity. Furthermore, it will form a sustainable discussion structure for further youth work against corruption with the participation of youth activists.

Moderator: Geo-Sung Kim, Chairperson, Transparency International - Korea and Board Member, Transparency International
Rapporteur: Andres Hernadez, Senior Programme Coordinator, Americas Department, Transparency International


Ana Carolina Gonzales Espinosa, Member OCASA - Youth against Corruption
Iftekhar Zaman, Executive Director Transparency International, Bangladesh
Kimmie Weeks, Director, Youth Action International
Kanokkan Anukansai, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand