Workshop 3.3

Workshop 3.3 Corruption in energy services: finding a focus to fight back     

Stream 2 Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinators: Conny Abel, Programme Coordinator for South Eastern Europe, Europe and Central Asia Department, Transparency International
Svetlana Savitskaya, Programme Coordinator, Europe and Central Asia Department, Transparency International
Date: Friday 14:00 to 16:00
Location: The Banqueting Hall

Corruption in the energy sector (extraction, allocation of resource revenues, and provision of energy services to citizens) fosters poverty and inequality within the societies and deprives citizens of one of the most essential services the state vows to provide. Almost all other development - economical and personal - is hindered by lack or inconsistency of energy supply.
This strategic session will elaborate on a range of issues pertaining to energy sector: resource revenue transparency, transparency and accountability of national wealth funds, privatization in energy sector, management and oversight bodies, CSO monitoring of governmental energy policies, energy efficiency, intelligent energy and what governments do to secure energy, promotion of renewable energy.
The overarching purpose of this workshop is to seek experts' recommendations on how CSOs, particularly National Chapters of TI, can strategise anticorruption work in the energy sector locally and as cross-boarder cooperation.

Moderator: Ioannis Moutsos, Research Institute for European and American Studies' (RIEAS), Athens Greece, and Independent Investigative Journalist
Rapporteur: Farzana Nawaz, Policy and Research Department, Transparency International

Panellists: Ingilab Akhmedov, Director of Public Finance Monitoring Centre, Publish What You Pay Project Azerbaijan
Camrin Christensen, Associate Country Director for Eurasia Partnership Foundation Georgia
Slagana Taseva, Transparency Zero Corruption (FYROM)
Kirill Kabanov, Director, National Anti-Corruption Centre (Russia)
Willy Olsen, Advisor, INSTOK Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners
Stavros Dimas, EU Commissioner for the Environment