Workshop 2.2

Workshop 2.2 Implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategies in the Balkans: Achievements and Challenges

Stream 1
Peace and Security

Coordinator: Ms. Marijana Trivunovic,
Adviser, Fund for an Open Society -Serbia
Date: Friday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: MC 3

Considering that the IACC is taking place in Greece this year, it appears appropriate to dedicate a workshop to a regional perspective on global challenges. This workshop, therefore, proposes an examination of key corruption challenges in the Western Balkans, lessons for all EU Accession countries, as well as elsewhere.

The workshop will examine key corruption-related challenges in sustainable development, natural resource management, and energy sectors, as well as the relationship between corruption and organized crime. It will then turn to the strategies that have been employed to tackle corruption, focusing in particular on the incentive of EU accession, which widely regarded as the most powerful instrument available in the region. Lessons will be brought in from the Bulgaria, as a country that has joined the EU without sufficiently reducing corruption and organized crime.

Finally, the workshop will examine the existing limitations of the EU integration process in addressing corruption challenges, and seek to identify measures that can assist the EU and national actors in more effectively promoting the necessary reforms.

Moderator: Ms. Jadranka Jelincic, Executive Director, Fund for an Open Society - Serbia
Rapporteur: Mr. Nemanja Nenadic, Programme Director, Transparency Serbia

Therese Sobieski, Head of Unit, Montenegro, Serbia; European Commission Directorate General Enlargement
Ognyan Minchev, Chairman, Transparency International - Bulgaria; Executive Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS)
Munir Podumjak, President, Partnership for Social Development, Croatia
Dejan Milovac, Coordinator, Spatial Planning & Construction Industry, The Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector - MANS, Montenegro
Miodrag Milosavljevic, Project Coordinator, Fund for an Open Society -Serbia