Workshop 1.7

Workshop 1.7 The Role of Civil Society in Recovering Stolen Assets

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinators: Gillian Dell, Programmes Manager, Global Programmes, Transparency International
Andrea E. Poelling, Head of Resources and Operational Support, Basel Institute on Governance
Date: Thursday 17:30 to 19:30
Location: The Banqueting Hall

Assets recovery is a relatively new issue in the world of anti-corruption initiatives and the asset recovery process involves multitudes of players; in the forefront governments, law enforcement agencies and financial institutions of various countries. This topic has rapidly gained in attention since the entry into force of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). Despite its critical contribution to a number of the recovery cases, which can be considered fairly successful (e.g. Abach), the role of the civil society remains underestimated, inadequately analysed and insufficiently made use of.
The workshop will analyse past experiences and will explore future lines of action in light of three work streams where civil society proved to have a very useful role, namely: the promotion of reform through CSOs and their role in advocacy and raising awareness efforts; the information channelling by CSOs to make cases go forward; and the monitoring of assets by CSOs. The focus of the workshop will rather be on the role played by CSOs based in Northern countries (requested countries) and the way they can interact with NGOs based in requesting countries.

Moderator: Ms Anne Lugon-Moulin, Co-Executive Director, International Centre for Asset Recovery, Basel Institute on Governance
Rapporteur: Craig Fagan, Senior Policy Coordinator, TI

Dr Kamal Hossain,
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Member of the TI Advisory Council
Stuart Gilman, Deputy Director, StAR
Anne Lugon-Moulin, International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR), Basel Institute on Governance
Gillian Dell, Global Programmes Manager, TI Berlin
Chandrashekhar Krishnan, Executive Director, TI-UK
Maud Perdriel-Vaissière, Sherpa
Anne-Kathrin Glatz, Swiss NGO Coalition