Claribel B. David

Claribel B. David 

Claribel B. David is currently Vice President of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT), a global network of 400 fair trade organizations in 70 countries whose mission is to improve the livelihood and well-being of disadvantaged producers in the South.

For the past 12 years, she has devoted herself to volunteer work in the fair trade movement. She travels across the globe, as expert speaker in various fora, conferences and other discussion activities where she tackles a wide range of issues from socio-economic development to governance within the context of fair trade. She is especially passionate about finding solutions to the problems besetting grassroots producers especially in the areas of market access and capacity building amidst the realities of globalization. She has also sat in numerous consultations that resulted in the reshaping of the strategic directions of the global fair trade movement and in bringing small producers closer not only to the market but also to a more equitable system of trading.

As a staunch fair trade advocate, she has pioneered various initiatives in the Philippines and the Asian region that has rippled through the entire global fair trade movement. In 2002, she was at the forefront in the formation of the Asia Fair Trade Forum (AFTF), now a strong network of 90 fair trade companies from 11 countries in Asia representing thousands of grassroots producers in the craft and food sectors. This brave act of unifying Asian fair trade organizations was eventually adopted by other regions within the global fair trade movement and steered the formation of various country networks.

Under her guidance as the Convenor and first Chair of the AFTF, she has led the network through many challenging developments and in carrying out various programmes and projects that realistically cater to the needs and concerns of Asian producers.

Prior to her active involvement in the International Fair Trade Movement, she had a successful career in banking and finance. She holds a Master Degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management and earned her B.S. Business Economics degree, Magna cum laude, from the University of the Philippines.

Today, she continues to be a strong voice for Southern producers never waning in her mission of challenging structures, policies, and systems that hamper the growth and development of small producers.