Workshop 6.6

Workshop 6.6 Asia Pacific Human Development Report: Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives 

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha K. Rajivan, Regional Programme Coordinator, UNDP Regional Centre Colombo
Date: Sunday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall

Corruption has been seen as inevitable - unpleasant and unethical, but probably unavoidable. Now, however, it is increasingly being challenged as unacceptable across Asia Pacific and the world. In the process, eliminating corruption that plagues people's daily lives must become a priority: widespread malfeasance corrodes health care, education and public utilities. Blatant injustice occurs through corrupt police and courts. Cross-border corruption, propelled by transnational businesses, plunders forests and depletes other scarce natural resources. The latest Asia-Pacific Human Development Report - Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives - shows how everyone eventually loses from corruption, focusing on why it hurts the poor the most and what can be done about it. The expert panel debate aims to demystify lesser knows aspects of corruption, draw linkages to poverty and human development and, most importantly, focus on what can be done.

The debate will bring together eminent panellists involved in anti-corruption reform from across Asia Pacific to discuss issues facing developing countries battling against corruption so that the freedoms and choices for everyday people, particularly the poor, can be bolstered. The panellists will look at issues from different perspectives (government, the police, media, judiciary, etc) and see how actors at different levels can combine pressure from above and below to institutionalise checks and balances to halt the spread of corruption and achieve higher human development gains. Looking at good practices from across the region, the panellists will see how these efforts can be strengthened and scaled up to maximize anti corruption outcomes for developing countries.

Moderator: Nisha Pillai, Presenter, BBC World News
Rapporteurs: Ramesh Gampat, Deputy Programme Coordinator, Human Development Report Unit, UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo
Omar Siddique, Policy & Programme Analyst, Human Development Report Unit, UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo

Kiran Bedi, India's first and highest ranking woman police officer
Kunda Dixit, Author, Journalist, and Publisher
Osman Farruk, Former Minister of Education, Bangladesh
Hafiz A. Pasha, Founder, Social Policy and Development Center (SPDC) in Pakistan. Honourable Justice Nazhat Shameem, High Court Justice, Fiji