Workshop 5.2

Workshop 5.2 Corruption Beyond the Voices of Pain - Strategies Against Gendered Corruption

Stream 1 Peace & Security

Coordinator: Lilian Ekeanyanwu, Head of the Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms Nigeria
Date: Saturday 14:00 to 16:00
Location: MC 3.4

Increasingly, research suggests that that corruption impacts disparately on women and other vulnerable groups. This workshop intends to deepen understanding of the disparate impact of corruption on women, by providing a sharper searchlight and deeper analysis on those peculiar manifestations of corruption which wear a woman's face and toga. Through case studies, the workshop will examine the linkages between violence, discrimination and corruption; linkages between corruption in education; the growing menace of trafficking in persons; and actualization of the Millennium Development Goals [MDGS]. The case studies will identify causes and effects, the interface of these issues with sustainable development and the wider question of gender justice and equity.
The workshop will also showcase a solution-based approach by providing a rapid response tool incorporating strategies to develop a data-powered support base for responding to the emerging issues of corruption on vulnerable groups such as women; an examination of the role of laws and conventions in combating specific manifestations of corruption; and strategies for combating gendered corruption through conflict resolution and assistance.

Moderator: Audrey Gadzekpo, Senior Lecturer, School of Communication Studies, University of Ghana and Chairperson, Board of Transparency International-Ghana
Rapporteur: Mary Jane Ncube, Executive Director, Transparency International -Zimbabwe

Monique Altschul, Executive Director - Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad/Women in Equality
Londa Esadze, UNDP Special International Advisor on Anti-Corruption to the Government of Kosovo and the World Bank Consultant to the Government of Mongolia
Michelle Mildwater, Voluntary Consultant, Red Cross and External Consultant for the Center against human trafficking