Workshop 3.2

Workshop 3.2 Trade and Customs partnership to fight against corruption and safeguard integrity

Stream 1
Peace & Security

Coordinator: Yoshiro Baba, Capacity Building Directorate, World Customs Organization
Date: Friday 14:00 to 16:00
Location: MC 3.2

Corruption continues to plague the smooth functioning of international trade. While Customs administrations must manage multiple roles and responsibilities (such as security and trade facilitation), their diligent efforts to achieve predictable and transparent Customs processes are frequently harmed by integrity deficiencies. The international trade community faces difficulties when corruption results in increased costs and reduces business competitiveness. Accordingly, Customs and trade increasingly recognize that it is in their common interest to fight corruption to foster sustainable and stable business growth.
This workshop will discuss causes and effects of corruption, including the impact on security and trade facilitation; the WCO's efforts toward improvement of integrity and good practices; a new Customs-to-business partnership initiative; and experiences and motivations to promote integrity from the business perspective.
The workshop will confirm the key principles to effectively and efficiently implement activities to promote integrity in the trade supply chain. Participants will share best practices, review case studies, and identify "success story" elements. The central objective of the workshop will be to encourage both Customs and the trade community to promote a new partnership initiative, and design a collective action framework.

Moderator: Mr. Eugene Torero, Director General, Rwanda Revenue Authority
Rapporteur: Paulette Lefebvre, Director of Security Policy and Program Coordination, Candian Customs

Nikolaos Vernadakis, Director General of Customs & Excise, Ministry of Economy & Finance, Greece
Dato' Mohamed Khalid Yusuf, Deputy Director General of Royal Malaysian Customs
Renee Stein, Director, Global Trade Policy, Microsoft Corporation
Gerard McLinden, Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist, World Bank