Workshop 2.3

Workshop 2.3 Transparency in the Extractive Industries - Making the Case for a Global Standard

Stream 2 Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinator: Tim Bittiger, Regional Director, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative EITI
Date: Friday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: Alexandra Trianti Hall

This workshop explores the effects which a transparent management of revenues from the extractive industries can have in enhancing energy security, in improving the investment climate, and in ensuring responsible governance and social engagement by resource-rich countries and extractive industry companies. The EITI is on its way of becoming a global standard for ensuring such transparency, with 23 Candidate countries and 37 major companies and 80 investors endorsing the initiative. The panel in this workshop will discuss benefits as well as challenges of this initiative. High-level representatives from governments, leading companies and civil society coalitions will analyse past experience and best practice in implementing the initiative worldwide, from the perspective of their specific interest group. The panel will also explore how the EITI can help in creating a level playing field in the increasing scramble for resources, and what role emerging economies can play to provide regional leadership in setting global standards.

Moderator: Jonas Moberg, Head of Secretariat, EITI Secretariat
Rapporteur: Tim Bittiger, Regional Director, EITI

Hélder Luis Paes Moreira Leite,
Equity Investor Manager, Petrobras Investor Relations Department
Radhika Sarin, Coordinator, Organisation Publish What You Pay, and EITI Board Member
Bennett Freeman, Oxfam America/Oxfam International and EITI Board Member
Humphrey Assisi Asobie, Chairman EITI Nigeria and EITI Board Member