Workshop 1.3

Workshop 1.3 Corruption, Conflict and Contestation in Natural Resource Governance

Stream 2 Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinator: Jim Schweithelm, Senior Associate, ARD Inc
Date: Thursday 17:30 to 19:30
Location: Nikos Skalkotas Hall

The workshop will draw upon recent work in Asia and Africa to analyze and discuss the types, root causes, drivers, enablers and approaches to reducing conflict and corruption found in natural resource governance.
The workshop will work to identify the extent to which state and non-state actors have used both renewable, e.g., timber, and non-renewable resources, e.g., oil, diamonds, etc., to finance armed conflict and drive other types of conflict. It will also analyze how these actors have also corrupted and captured governance systems for licensing, operation, finance and trade to legitimize and sanitize their corrupt practices. This has resulted in environmental degradation and depletion of resources, increased levels
and intensity of civil and military conflict, money laundering, and weakened state structures and institutional integrity. Using case studies, the panellists will describe programmatic interventions used to counter corrupt practices, promote sustainable resource management, and defuse and decelerate conflict.

Moderator: Jim Schweithelm, Senior Associate, ARD Inc
Rapporteur: Stephen Carpenter, ARD Inc

Regina Birner,
Senior Research, Development Strategy and Governance Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute
Donald Bowser, Senior Associate, ARD Inc.
Lorenzo Delesgues, Director, Integrity Watch Afghanistan
John R. Heilbrunn, Associate Professor, International Political Economy, Colorado School of Mines
Ange-Maxime Kazagui, Director of Africa and Central African Representative for Independent Diamond Valuators.