Special Training

Title: Combating Corruption in Water Supply and Sanitation

Coordinator: Per Ljung, President, PM Global Inc.
Date: Friday 14:00 to 16:00 and 17:00 to 19:00
Location: Conference 5-6

Sustainable Globalisation: MDGs and Transparency in Basic Service Delivery: The overall goal of the training session is to present and train participants on the tools, instruments and strategies relevant to promoting transparency, integrity and accountability in the delivery of municipal services in water supply and sanitation. Over two two-hour sessions, the workshop will focus on the following aspects of local government services: (a) use of diagnostic tools to identify corruption; (b) use of anticorruption tools in improving municipal water supply and sanitation; and (c) developing action plans for addressing corruption and improving transparency, integrity and accountability in the water sector. Case studies from Honduras, Nicaragua and Kenya will be used to illuminate the major points in the presentation. The four-hour training session will revolve around training and case study presentations; group work with the participants; and a plenary session to develop the workshop conclusions.

Moderator: Donal O'Leary, Senior Advisor, Transparency International 
Rapporteur: Alana Potter, Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, International Water and Sanitation Center IRC

Technical Specialists
John Butterworth,
Manager, International Water and Sanitation Center IRC
Maria Gonzalez de Asis, Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank Institute
Mirta Gonzalez, World Bank Consultant, Tegucigalpa, Honduras   
Dixon Chanda, Water Group, Zambia
Phyllis Muema, Coordinator, Kenya Community Support Center, Mombasa, Kenya 
Per Ljung, PM Global Infrastructure, Subject Expert, Washington, USA 

There will also be presenters of case studies from Honduras, Kenya and Nicaragua.