Workshop 5.6

Workshop 5.6 Preventing Corruption in Construction Projects through increased Transparency and Accountability 

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinator: Marcela Rozo, Senior Programme Coordinator on Public Contracting, Transparency International
Date: Saturday 14:00 to 16:00
Location: MC 3.2

The workshop will present different initiatives to prevent corruption in the construction sector and in construction projects with special emphasis on multi-stakeholder approaches. Construction has been identified as one of the areas more prone to corruption, given the dimension of the projects and the massive budgets involved. The consequences of corruption in construction projects most usually have dramatic effects on the environment and on the livelihood of considerable groups of citizens, who not only depend on the services that construction projects should provide, but also because they are often subject to relocation or because their economic activities are affected by the intervention associated to construction projects. When corruption captures a construction project there are risks on quality and delivery in the construction process that can create damage on the environment and latent risks for the communities in the area of influence of the project.

The workshop will aim at discussing different initiatives and tools that are being used to prevent corruption in construction projects with emphasis on the different stages of contracting and implementation, in order to give the participants alternatives to deal with corruption risks in this area and, through this, ensure that the construction projects effectively contribute to sustainable development.

Moderator: Christiaan Poortman, Director of Global Programmes, Transparency International

Rapporteur: Laura Granado, Intern, Global Programmes Department, Transparency International

Bethan Grillo, Manager, Construction Sector Transparency - CoST International Secretary

Michael Wiehen, Member of the Board, Transparency International

Kong Xiang Ren, Chinese Ministry of Supervision

Donal O'Leary, Senior Advisor, Transparency International

Neill Stansbury, Project Director, Construction & Engineering, Transparency International UK