Workshop 5.5

Workshop 5.5 Transparency in Education management

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinator: Stéphane Stassen, Programme Coordinator, Africa and Middle East Department, Transparency International
Date: Saturday 14:00 to 16:00
Location: Nikos Skalkotas Hall

Education remains the best known way to human development; accordingly universal primary education has been made one of the key Millennium Development Goal by the United Nations. This workshop will look at how corruption manifests itself in the education sector and how it impacts service delivery as well as how increased stakeholders implication (parents, children, teachers, school management, etc.) and local accountability mechanisms can overcome this challenge to sustainable development.

Analysing a variety of initiatives aimed at improving transparency and integrity in the sector, and reflecting on lessons learned, the workshop will seek to stimulate debate between different stakeholders with a view to sharing best practice and discussing innovative approaches. Particular attention will be given to the issue of decentralised management structures in Education and how they impact the form corruption takes and what can be done about it.

By the end of the workshop we will hope to have more precisely defined corruption and the different forms it takes in the education sector. Best practices and most efficient reforms in terms of transparency and accountability in the education sector will have been identified and a systemic analysis of the sector, identifying actors best positioned to bring about change will have been presented, discussed and revised. Key challenges and opportunities have been identified. Finally, local accountability mechanisms and decentralisation processes will have been analysed and critically debated.

Moderator: Muriel Poisson, Programme Specialist, International Institute for Educational Planning IIEP
Rapporteur: Alessandra Fontana, Project Coordinator, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Jill Hart,
Commonwealth Education Fund Administrator, Commonwealth Education Fund
Salia Kpaka, Research Officer, National Accountability Group, Transparency International Sierra Leone
Lynn Murphy, Senior Fellow, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Samuel Rotta Castilla, Programme Officer and Researcher Transparency International Peru