Workshop 4.3

Workshop 4.3 Transparency in Resource Rich Perilous States: getting out of the resource curse and into the path of development

Stream 2
Natural Resources & Energy

Coordinator: Juanita Olaya, Faculty of Law, Bonn University
Date: Saturday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: The Banqueting Hall

Corruption in the natural resources and energy sectors. This workshop addresses the link between energy security, natural resources richness and poverty, inequality, corruption and conflict and seeks to explore in a critical way the avenues forward. Many of the main sources of oil and gas are located in countries that suffer from poverty, conflict, corruption. This problem, dubbed as the "paradox of the plenty" has also further implications for issues of energy security. Political instability has also threatened access to these resources when the world starts to awaken to scarcity, resource depletion and climate change. The panel in this workshop will address these problems, their interlinkages and will make a critical review of the current strategies, looking at questions like: Is it too late for "cursed" countries to come out of poverty? What really does the trick to turn the curse in to a blessing? What to do in countries where in addition to other problems civil society is weak like in Equatorial Guinea or Angola? If political will is crucial, what if you cannot trust it? Are we all doing enough to change these countries current standing? How will this all further impact energy security, conflict and environmental degradation issues?

Moderator: Sarah Wykes, National and Senior Campaigner, Global Witness
Rapporteur: Juanita Olaya, Faculty of Law, Bonn University

Tusantu Tongusalu, EGJUSTICE, Equatorial Guinea
Mercedes de Freitas, Director, Transparency International Venezuela
Jose Edgardo Campos, Lead Governance Advisor, World Bank, Dhaka
Peter Eigen, Chairman of the Board, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Fernando Macedo, .APDH - Association for Justice, Peace and Democracy (Angola)
Randi Susan Ryterman, Acting Director, Public Sector Governance Group, World Bank