Workshop 2.5

Workshop 2.5 Making Public Awareness Campaigns Work! A Multi-Media Experience

Stream 4 Sustainable Globalisation

Coordinator: Olga Nazario, Senior Associate, Casals & Associates Inc.
Date: Friday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: MC 3.2

Public Awareness campaigns, when used effectively, are key tools in preventing and fighting corruption. They are often the first step in raising citizens' awareness on how corruption impacts their lives by wasting resources that should be allocated to basic services. Successful campaigns require determining audience, attention to message development, such as what to get across and how depending on the characteristics of the audience, cost effectiveness, repetition and symmetry of message, and have realistic goals. Also, citizens need to be empowered to take ownership of the message and public servants must be prepared and/or trained to receive and respond to the message.

The workshop will show all steps required for successful campaigns and why others fail. These will be done through presentations by experts and by re-creating the impact of past campaigns through a multi-media experience.

Moderator: Beatriz Casals, President, Casals & Associates Inc.
Rapporteur: Olga Nazario, Senior Associate, Casals & Associates Inc.

Lawrence Ott,
Director of Strategic Communications, Casals & Associates Inc.
Sally Taylor, Senior Technical Advisor, Casals & Associates Inc.
Thusitha Pilapitiya, Senior Technical Advisor, Casals & Associates Inc.
Erich de la Fuente, President, EDF Communications