Workshop 1.2

Workshop 1.2 Lessons learned in the implementation of the "Guatemala Declaration for a Region Free of Corruption"

Stream 1 Peace and Security

Coordinator: Alejandro Urizar, Director, Government Transparency Programms for Acción Ciudadana y Casals and Associates
Date: Thursday 17:30 to 19:30
Location: MC 3.2

During the inauguration of the 12th International Anti-Corruption Conference, the presidents of Central America, Belize, Panama and Dominican Republic, signed the "Guatemala Declaration for a Region Free of Corruption" with the objective of harmonizing laws and regional politics against corruption by the year 2010.
In the framework of the declaration, the governments of the signatory countries have been developing efforts to carry out the agreements, at the same time civil society organizations have contributed with the monitoring of the implementation of those agreements. The importance of the declaration is that it has become a starting point close to the national realities and framed in international references, contributing in this way in the implementation of instruments such as the Inter-American Convention
against Corruption.
The objective of the workshop is to present the declaration as a product of the 12IACC and its results to this day. Likewise, the workshop will evaluate and show from different perspectives the regional and national progress on the subject; but above all it will put forward the lessons learned from its implementation, in order to collectively construct good practices that are adaptable to different regions of the world.

Moderator: Alejandro Salas, Regional Director for the Americas, Transparency International
Rapporteur: Alejandro Urizar, Acción Ciudadana

Panellists: Gilberto Calderon, Public Ethics Attorney, Costa Rica 
Manfredo Marroquin, Regional Coordinator for Central America, Transparency International 
Gerardo Berthin, Chief of Party, Casals and Associates. 
Jorge A. Perez M., Executive Secretary, Vice-presidency of Guatemala and Transparency Commission 
Evelyn Villareal, Research Coordinator, Estado de la Region