Day Three: Session 3

Session 3 Implementing the World Bank Governance and Anticorruption Strategy: Year 1 Progress Report

Workshop Special Session

Coordinator: Aneta Wierzynska, Senior Policy Director, Transparency International USA
Date: Saturday 17:00 to 19:00
Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall

During the 12th IACC, the World Bank received stakeholder input to its Governance and Anticorruption (GAC) Strategy as part of an extensive public consultation process. Part I of this year's panel will explore the Bank's progress in implementing the key recommendations that emerged during last year's panel:

  1. The Bank should work more frequently and consistently with civil society in order to promote greater demand for good governance and create sustainable reform
  2. The Bank's strategy should place a premium on increasing transparency and opportunities for public participation both in its operations and at the borrower government level
  3. The Bank must address institutional design issues at the country level to ensure staffing with relevant skills and incentives to ensure local offices promote governance reforms
  4. Incentives for Bank staff must be realigned to reward proper handling of governance issues even when it impedes lending 

Part II of the Panel will explore the Bank's response to a recently published internal report that uncovered "significant" corruption in five Bank-financed health care projects in India and demonstrated the debilitating impact of corruption on project results. The India DIR has provoked unprecedented reform efforts to the Bank's own project design, supervision, and evaluation processes, and it has galvanized efforts to increase transparency and engagement independent civil society monitors. The India DIR case study will serve to: 1) illustrate the impact of corruption on the lives of the poor, 2) share the investigatory methodology and the promised systemic reforms, 3) identify the value of engaging civil society in the fight against corruption and 4) highlight reform lessons for other donors.

Moderator: Nancy Boswell, President & CEO Transparency International USA.
Christian Poortman, Director of Global Programs, Transparency International
Rapporteur: Aneta Wierzynska, Senior Policy Director, Transparency International USA

Key Note Speaker: Huguette Labelle, Chair, Transparency International

Brian David Levy
, Adviser on Governance, Public Sector Governance, Poverty Reduction and Economic
David Theis, Senior Communications Officer, Vice Presidenency for Institutional Integrity, World Bank
Naseer Rana, Advisor Governance and Anticorruption, South Asia Region, World Bank
Anupama Jha, Executive Manager, Transparency International-India
Colin Bruce, Director, Strategy and Operations, Africa Vice Presidency, World Bank