Day Three: Session 2

Session 2 Mobilisation for Action on UNCAC Review Mechanism

Workshop Special Session

Coordinator: Gillian Dell, Programmes Manager, Global Programmes, Transparency International
Date: Saturday 17:00 to 19:00
Location: The Banqueting Hall

The UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is the leading global anti-corruption instrument, offering a framework for collective action and establishing agreed international standards. Effective intergovernmental monitoring is essential to ensure that UNCAC fulfils its promise. This requires decisive action at the 3rd Conference of States Parties in Doha, Qatar at the end of 2009 to establish a review mechanism that will start operations in 2010. In order for this to be possible there must be an advance process of building consensus around a viable model for the mechanism, which must include addressing the concerns of some governments about monitoring.
In the first part of this interactive session panellists will explain UN plans for discussions ahead of the Conference of States Parties; present the TI proposals for an UNCAC review mechanism; map government positions;

The second part of this session will consist of break-out groups discussing proposals for conducting a global campaign to achieve an UNCAC review mechanism.

Moderator: Kristine Drew Manager, UNICORN Global Unions Anti-corruption Network
Rapporteur: Karen Hussmann, independent research and consultant

Dimitri Vlassis
, Chief, Corruption and Economic Crime Secion, UNODC
Fritz Heimann, Senior Advisor, Transparency International
Gillian Dell, Programmes Manager, Global Programmes, Transparency International
Ilari Rantakari, Ambassador for Helsinki Process, Government of Finland
Lilian Ekeanyanwu, Head of the Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms Nigeria
Eugenio Curia, Ambassador, Argentinean Government
Olivia McDonald, Senior Governance Advisor, Policy Department, Christian Aid