Workshops Day One: Thursday 30th October

Side Event
09:00 - 13:00

Title of Side Event: A StAR (Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative) Dialogue with Civil Society on Asset Recovery
Coordinator: Stuart C. Gilman, Deputy Director of the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR), World Bank and Senior Advisor, Governance, Security and Rule of Law Section of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Side Event
11:00 - 12:30

Title of Side Event: Making our voices heard: Civic Action to fight Corruption 

Facilitators: Shaazka Beyerle, Senior Advisor, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, USA
Annie Enriquez Geron, General Secretary, Public Services Labor Independent Confederation, Philippines
Arwa Hassan, Senior Programme Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa, Transparency International, Germany
Amalia Konstanyan, Chairwoman, Transparency International - Armenia

Workshop Session 1
17:30 - 19:30

Workshop 1.1 Global Standards in Political Finance: Transparency and Accountability 
Coordinator: Marcin Walecki, Senior Advisor for Political Finance, International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Workshop 1.2 Lessons learned in the implementation of the "Guatemala Declaration for a Region Free of Corruption" 
Coordinator: Alejandro Urizar, Director, Government Transparency Programms for Acción Ciudadana y Casals and Associates

Workshop 1.3 Corruption, Conflict and Contestation in Natural Resource Governance 
Coordinator: Jim Schweithelm, Senior Associate, ARD Inc

Workshop 1.4 Overview on Climate Change, Governance and Corruption Risks 
Coordinator: Robin Hodess, Director of Policy and Research, Transparency International
Jacob Werksman, Program Director, Institutions and Governance Program, World Resources Institute

Workshop 1.5 Closing the credibility gap - external assurance of anti-bribery programmes 
Coordinator: Susan Côté-Freeman, Project Manager Private Sector, Transparency International

Workshop 1.6 The Fight against Corruption by the Multilateral Development Banks
Coordinator: Steve Zimmermann, Chief of the Office of Institutional Integrity, Inter-American Development Bank

Workshop 1.7 The Role of Civil Society in Recovering Stolen Assets 
Coordinators: Gillian Dell, Programmes Manager, Global Programmes, Transparency International
Andrea E. Poelling, Head of Resources and Operational Support, Basel Institute on Governance

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