Past Press Releases

12th IACC Guatemala City

Berlin, 10.07.2008

Transparency International welcomes commitment to monitor actions towards a corruption-free Central America
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Guatemala City, 18.11.2006

International Anti-Corruption Conference
Seeks Action on UN Convention

Guatemala City, 18.11.2006

Conferencia Internacional Anticorrupción
traza agenda global

International Anti-Corruption Conference
maps out global governance agenda

Guatemala City, 17.11.2006

International Anti-Corruption Conference
urges Chile to honour Peru’s extradition request

Guatemala City, 15.11.2006

TI Applauds the Guatemala Declaration
and will follow up its implementation

Berlin, 07.11.2005

12th International Anti-Corruption Conference
to take place in Guatemala in November 2006
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11th IACC Seoul

Lagos/New Delhi/Algiers/
Berlin 16.05.2003

TI announces Integrity Awards 2003 winners

Berlin/Seoul, 24.04.2003

11th International Anti-Corruption Conference
Seoul, Korea, 25-28 May 2003

10th IACC Prague

Prague, 9.10.2001

Corruption climate in Central and Eastern European countries

Prague, 7.10.2001

Investigating magistrate in France and
coalition that impeached city mayor in Brazil
win anti-corruption prize

Prague, 4.10.2001

International exhibition „Art against Corruption“ opens in Prague

Prague, 1.10.2001

First ever international anti-cprruption
film festival opens in Prague

Berlin, 31.8.2001

Presidents Fox, Havel to join George Soros,
Eva Joly, Interpol, NGOs and business leaders
at the International Anti-Corruption Conference
in Prague 7-11 October

Berlin/Prague, 18.5.2001

International Anti-Corruption Conference to
be held in Eastern Europe for the first time

9th IACC Durban

Durban, 15.10.1999

Anti-corruption conference ends with call
for international mechanisms to recover looted money

8th IACC Lima

Berlin, 16.09.1997

"Toughen anti-corruption laws", says Lima conference

Berlin, 13.12.1996

Transparency International to organise
Anti-Corruption Conference